While it might not beat out replicators and holodecks as the most wanted Star Trek inspired technology, the universal translator is one of those life-changing gadgets that could revolutionize our world very soon.  A Japanese telecom company seems to think so, and has invented a pair of Google Glass-like spectacles that translates any written foreign language right before your eyes!
Granted, these spectacles don’t translate the spoken word, but they’re no less revolutionary.  And besides, is it really that complicated to include software that translates the spoken word, and displays it as text on the lenses in real time?  Life would be like a real-world anime sub!
Although the cost of international travel is exceptionally high, technology like this could prompt more people to travel abroad without the fear of not being able to find their way around, communicate with locals, or even order food at restaurants.  Bibliophiles can now cozy up to literally every book ever written.  You can finally see what that Kanji tattoo you got in college actually says!  A hint…it isn’t “wisdom”…
With plans to distribute these glasses to tourists in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, we’ll get a chance to see how revolutionary it really is.  But something tells me we’ll either see these things as soon as they can mass produce them, or at least the software will be adapted for Google Glass…where’d those things go anyway?  So, watch the video below to see this SciFi gadget in action!

image source: [technabob