Sometimes the internet can fight back! Everyone here has gotten an email at some point, claiming some Nigerian Prince has a huge sum of money they are looking to launder. And for your assistance, a certain percentage will come to you, minus the percentage for the “prince” and usually 5% for the coverage of monies you may have to lay out.

This my friends, is the Nigerian Prince scam. Or as it is known in the seedy underside of the internet, a 419 scam. You see, there is no Nigerian Prince, or oil magnate, or museum curator, or any person who has access to this huge sum of money. What there is, is a greasy nigerian bastard who is hoping he can convince you to pay a fee to release the money into an international bank account. There’s no money, you get that right? Theres just this guy, and you wiring $1,500 to him via Western Union to “unlock” the money from it’s current account in-country.

You get the picture, your sainted but slightly out-of-touch grandpa wires this dude a few thousand that never comes back to him. Cause once you send money via Western Union, baby, it’s gone!

419 1So in comes these tarnished champions, these slightly dark knights, grey warders of the internet. They are called “Scam-Baiters” or as they refer to themselves, 419-eaters. Their whole goal is to waste a scammer’s time so much that they are left with no time elsewhere to bother good people like you and me. These guys are masters of the jerk around. They go out of their way to get the scammers to take humiliating photos of themselves, send them to dangerous cities to pick up their wired money, they even get the scammer to send the baiters some cash sometimes!

I’ve read transcripts where the baiter has gotten scammers to tattoo themselves with fake church emblems. Theres stories of scammers painting their bodies to join organizations and send pictures into a baiter. Sometimes a clever baiter gets a scammer to send him a little bit of cash as a security deposit on the massive loan needed to retrieve the ill-gotten treasure. In any case, most of the time the scammer is willing to degrade themselves a bit just on the hope that SOME asshole will be gullible enough to send him a bit of real money. This is how they support themselves; and the scam baiters are doing their best to give them no end of grief. Whether its constantly changing email addresses, fake names, PO Boxes, or false Western Union tracking numbers, these 419-eaters use every trick in the book to con a hopefully gullible scammer.

But as a word of warning, these guys are semi professional, they know what they are doing. I don’t suggest you start DCF 1.0scam-baiting yourself. Remember, the guys the baiters are dealing with are genuine criminals, and although it’s unlikely they will travel to YOUR home country to deal with you, I certainly wouldn’t want them finding out my address or identity.

I’ve left a link below to the 419-eaters website which goes directly to the transcripts page. I suggest you invest some time in reading a few baits by the main contributor who goes by the name Shiver Metimbers. This guy is a true master baiter (hur hur). Hats off to these soldiers of the dark side of the internet! They make our time surfing the web a bit safer, and a touch less seedy!

Thanks Baiters!

OH! P.S. The best possible bait I’ve seen is getting a group of dastardly Nigerian Scammers to completely re-enact the Monty Python Pet Shop sketch after being tricked into thinking they are going to win a prize for dramatic performance!

Check the link below with the one to the 419 website!

419 Eater


Image Source: [419Eater][BlogSpot][BBC]