The disheartening news that Disney has shit-canned Tron 3 is finally sinking in. I’m now ready to air my grievance over the decision, even if I’m still struggling to find the best–calmest–words.

Simply put, this is a troubling decision. Tron: Legacy made a profit, plain and simple, and Disney has showed a willingness to explore the Tron universe further with a very good, if wholly forgotten animated series, Tron: Uprising.

The Tron universe has a lot of fans, and to think Disney wouldn’t want to tap into that makes no sense. If this is indeed a knee-jerk reaction to Tomorrowland laying an egg at the box office, then someone needs to lose their job over this decision. The return of Star Wars to mainstream culture has been spearheaded by a new trilogy, but bolstered by very successful gaming, and comic ventures, as well as a new hit animated series. Big, bold, flashy SciFi is in, so why not give the geeks (and their kids) what they want with more Tron, a franchise with impressive potential of its own?

Whatever the half-baked reason Disney has for cancelling Tron 3, they’re wrong. It just sucks that there’s nothing anybody can do about it. And it’s not like I’m going to bite off my nose to spite my face by boycotting Disney… there’s Star Wars to be had. And maybe that’s indicative of the whole problem.