The Rogue One : A Star Wars Story teaser trailer was released this morning. Wow! After watching it a few times there are many questions and I am sure the internet detectives will soon start to answer a few. I like the gritty look of this movie as the Rebellion seems to be on the edge of total collapse with everything resting on the capture of the Death Star plans. I am also really interested to see how they are going to tie the Star Wars Rebels animated series into this movie. Who is the man in white? White is the color of the Imperial Security Bureau officers uniforms. In the background of one shot of Jyn Erso you see a droid that looks like an IG-86 sentinel droid. You see this droid again in a shot where it looks like Jyn is being chased. Was that IG-88? Was that Darth Vader taking a knee in front of the Emperor? Can’t wait till the next trailer and December 16th can’t get her fast enough!