At this point extolling the virtues of 3D printing is just monotonous.  Sufficed to say that 3D printing will change every facet of human existence for the better, given time.  Need more proof of how important 3D printing is going to become?  Well it’s hard to find a science or tech site out there that doesn’t have at least one current post about 3D printing on their front page.  So maybe that makes me a hypocrite for continually posting new and awesome advancements in 3D printing, but I can live with that, because the work being done with Robohand is important enough to change the world for a lot of people who could use a helping hand!

What is most amazing about the Robohand concept is how easily a new prosthetic can be created to continually fit a growing child.  3D printing makes outgrowing a prosthetic hand that no longer fits well or looks proportionate so much less of an issue.  Now, simply re-size, re-print, re-install, and re-join your friends on the playground!  It’s advancements like this, that not only make people’s lives better, but make children’s lives better that makes every step taken into the future a good one!