As Rai gathers allies it’s natural for him to learn about those who he previously only thought of as those he protected, even positrons. In issue #7, Rai learns of Momo’s unsettling origin’s, and of how positrons have always been individuals capable of thought, feeling, and personal worth, but that their bondage to humans makes them slaves.

While the Positrons, and Raddies might be on the same side in the fight against Father, that doesn’t mean they have gotten over their differences, especially the Raddies. They attempt to destroy the Positron manufacturing center, the literal source of everything they hate, but it is essentially sacred ground to the Positrons. Rai must keep his tenuous alliance together, but can he really undue such hate, and distrust? He’ll have to if there’s any chance of stopping Father.

Meanwhile, Spylocke lands on Earth, which is little more than a mutated wasteland. His hope of finding the one thing that can ensure Father’s demise is hidden somewhere, and finding it won’t be easy. As Spylocke is off on his own mission, so too is Lula, back on New Japan. She and her positron have completed their own little project, a bomb with which they plan on breaching a completely hidden area of New Japan. With every part of Rai’s alliance doing their part, it’s basically just a matter of him holding things together while all the pieces fall into place.

Screenshot_83Back on Earth, Spylocke finally finds what he was looking for, one of the previous incarnations of Rai, Rai VIII! Having collected his prize, Spylocke sets off for New Japan, hoping that the battle between the Raddies and Positrons hasn’t gotten out of hand. I actually wish we got to spend a little more time on Earth, as the discovery of Rai VIII felt a little rushed. Hopefully the payoff for the slight diversion is huge.

After exploding  their makeshift bomb, Lula and Grace encounter a new, enigmatic figure, Geomancer. While a mysterious individual was probably the last thing Lula expected to find, whoever this Geomancer is is certainly going to play some part in the war against Father.

Issue #7 offered a few surprises that expand the scope of Rai’s war. It looked as though there was a clear-cut direction to the war, but I’m glad to see that even as the battle gets underway a few curveballs have been thrown in to keep things interesting. I can’t wait to find out the deal with Rai VIII, especially knowing that all previous failed Rai’s were recycled. How could this one have escaped, and just what purpose does he serve? And who is Geomancer? If her name is any indication as to her function, I presume she has a lot to do with creating, and maintaining the world’s contained in New Japan. The biggest question of all, however, is can Rai maintain the alliance between the Raddie’s and Positrons after they’ve already begun to fight each other?

Yet again, Rai continues to keep me interested. I would have been content with a story that I felt was progressing according to a simple plan, but it’s good to know that that isn’t the case. Throwing in unexpected turns along the way has really made Rai a well fleshed out book that continues to entertain. As usual, I turn the last page of an issue with serious yearning for more. The next issue can’t come soon enough!