Issue #6 begins with the back story of the most enigmatic member of New Japan’s uprising, Izak. Something of a myth in New Japan, Izak dwells in the sewers, biding his time until he can exact his revenge on Father. We learn that Izak is the decedent of an alien once captured by Father. After experimenting on the alien, Father created a race of ‘protectors’ which he set upon New Japan as wardens of his fledgling utopia. Izak is one of these beings who escapade Father’s rejection after their innate blood lust became too much to control.

Screenshot_67Momo, the rogue Positron who went searching for Izak, tells him about how she became self aware and chose to rescue other positrons. Izak, however, couldn’t care less. He only has one thing on his mind, the eradication of Father, and the destruction of New Japan.The writers have done a good job of making the different members of the uprising so drastically different in their motivations for going against Father. Each has a compelling story that resembles the other, but at its heart, is unique to the individual. The shared thread, however, is the awakening each character seems to go through at one point in their life, that makes them see Father, New Japan, and themselves, from a new perspective.

As the rebellion moves forward, Spylocke, and Silk, figure out a way to get to Earth. Spylocke has a plan to ensure this attempt at rebellion works, unlike all the other times Rai’s “awakening” failed. We’ve only seen fragments of what life is like on Earth, and the picture painted isn’t pretty. I’m interested to see what life is like on the planet, and what Spylocke’s plan entails.

Even Lula is doing her part. The first order of business she undertook after getting a positron of her very own was to task her new companion with helping her make a bomb. Lula is probably the most interesting character in the story, even though she is the most ‘normal’. That’s what makes her so much fun to watch, because you get to see how a typical person living in New Japan, previously under the illusions maintained by Father, break free from his control, and choose to fight for a freedom she never knew existed. How can a lowly citizen effect dramatic change in New Japan? Something tells me she is going to be integral to the rebellion’s success.

One of the most interesting revelations to date in this series is that positrons have within them the ability to be self aware. Although bred as servants, slaves, and disposable entertainment, many positrons are indeed fully aware, and full of emotions. Father knows this, and has placed measures to keep the positrons from acting on these feelings. Furthermore, we learn why positrons were created in the first place, and the truth is pretty horrible. More and more, it looks as though Father deserves the coming uprising.

Screenshot_68The issue’s climax is when Rai arrives at the fungal farms, where Momo has taken Izak, and has set up a siege point for the growing positron army. Izak knows nothing of Rai’s conversion, and wouldn’t care anyway. Rai is Father’s errand boy, and as such, Izak sees him only as a threat.  Momo manages to stop the two from ripping each other apart, and in doing so, solidifies the two halves of the rebellion. The Raddies, and the Positrons will have to work together to defeat Father. It won’t be an easy alliance for sure!

The stage has been set, and all the pieces placed. With only a few loose ends to tie up, the rebellion is well on its way to making its move. Lead by Rai, and with the combined force of the Raddies and Positrons, it’s going to be a spectacular run of issues coming up. I can’t wait to see what unforeseen secrets force characters’ hands, and how well this shaky alliance holds up. I also can’t wait to see how beautiful this war is going to look. I haven’t mentioned it in a while, but this series really is beautiful. All around, Rai continues to be a comic book well worth picking up!