It’s been a few months since the last issue of Rai, but issue #5 completely validates the wait, and the anticipation. Unfortunately Rai isn’t feeling similarly excited about being with Father again. Back at home, and back to work protecting New Japan, Rai no longer trusts Father. Rai has seen and learned too much for their relationship to ever be the same.

Screenshot_37The Raddies are still up to their old tricks, trying to take down Father, and all technology to free themselves of the false paradise that is New Japan. Father has no idea that Rai, along with Silk, and Spylocke, are working beneath his radar to uncover the truth. While on assignment Rai captures one of the Raddie leaders rather than killing him. All part of the larger plot to subvert Father and free New Japan from his omnipotent grasp.

When Rai brings the Raddie leader to a meeting with Spylocke and Silk, he learns the complete truth about his existence, his mother, and that Father was the one who murdered her. Having kept his mind clear to evade Father’s omnipresent gaze for so long, Rai can no longer keep his true feelings in check. Father must die!

Screenshot_38Lulu, the young girl Rai befriended who helped him stay sane after being debriefed by Spylocke and Silk, finally gets her own Positron companion. Destined to be friends, companions, and confidants, for the rest of Lulu’s life, the first thing she asks of her new partner is to help make a bomb. Likewise, Momo, a Positron with her own designs on taking down Father, enlists the help of Izak, a mutant outcast living in New Japan’s waste system to help build an army. The Resistance is growing right  beneath Father’s nose, supported by individuals from every walk of life; Human, Raddie, and Positron. The leader of the Resistance, his own “son”, New Japan’s legendary protector, Rai!

Issue #5 sees the beginning of an exciting new story arc in Rai. War is coming to New Japan, a war that will undoubtedly change the lives of the main characters, as well as the lives of the five-hundred million citizens who have no idea what’s going on around them.  Hopefully there won’t be any more breaks in publishing from now on, because Rai is a series I must get my fix of every month!

image source: [valiantuniverse]