Rai-4-cropRai hasn’t taken the news about his mother very well. Just like all the previous times Silk has told Rai the truth, Rai is going on a murderous rampage. If Spylocke doesn’t stop him, Rai will slice his way across Japan until he confronts Father and the whole cycle will begin again.

Lulu pleads with Spylocke give Rai a chance, but he’s having none of it. Meanwhile Silk is trying to stop Rai’s rampage with words, rather than high explosive incendiary rounds.  But Rai won’t listen and instead of a futile attempt to kill Silk, he decides his time is better spent kill all the Raddies.

Spylocke decides to give Lulu a chance to talk Rai down, and he too pleads his case. Rai, this tenth version of Rai, has to find his own way. Father’s lies are too important to ignore, and Rai is critical to uncovering the truth. Lulu is able to show Rai just how many secrets Father is keeping. This is enough to set Rai on a path to find the answers he seeks, find justice for his mother, and ending the cycle of his death.

VALIANT FIRST LOOK - RAI #4 - TMStashTMStash (1)Using a map made by Lulu, Rai tracks down Father’s hiding place, and confronts him over his past.  But Father is intelligent, and uses the admission Rai seeks as a way to retake control of him. At least, that’s what Father thinks. Rai, as it turns out, has other plans. Plans to take out Father once and for all!


Issue #4 is the best yet. Everything in the previous three issues comes together and sets the story in a new and exciting direction. Rai is now a hero to the people far more than they even know, and it will be great to see how he and his new friends save Japan, and maybe the world!

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