Having stopped the Raddie plot to blow up the sun collector and destroy 41st century Japan, Rai has made the ultimate sacrifice… or has he?  Of course not! Being “a part” of future Japan itself, Rai can never die.  And so he continues slaughtering Raddies in hopes of finding the remaining bombs.

Valiant Entertainment (2)Meanwhile, Spylocke is “holding” Lulu, ensuring the identify of the woman whose murder set these events in motion remains a secret.  It seems as though learning the truth about the woman might reveal the truth about Rai, truth that would drive him insane and get a lot of people hurt.


Lulu has other plans, and escapes Spylocke with the knowledge of who and what Rai really is.  Being all that anyone is talking about, locating Rai isn’t much of a problem.

Valiant Entertainment (1)Rai arrives in Los Angeles to get some answers, and meets the original Dr. Silk, who as it turns out, is as old as Father, and knows a lot about Rai.  He knows the murdered woman was Rai’s mother! He also knows that every 100 years a new Rai is “born”.  It looks as though Dr. Silk is part of a larger plot to take down not Rai, but Father, and his omnipotent grip on Japan.  The plot, as they say, thickens…

Issue #3 really broadens Rai’s story.  Now we know a little of Rai’s secrets, and of the opposing forces in this beautifully crafted world.  With a plot that has now drawn me completely in, and art that continues to stun, Rai is continuing to surprise and delight with each issue!

image source: [valiantuniverse]