On February 18, native New Yorker, George Leutz, earned a Guinness world record for marathon video game playing.  He played Q*bert for 84 hours and 48 minutes…on a single credit!
Q*bert is one of those games that dredges up feelings of frustration and rage from my childhood.  It was one of the first games I had for the NES, and it was one of those games that never seemed to get any easier, no matter how much I played it.  I rarely made it beyond the first few levels, but, like so many of the great games from that era, something about it made me pop that cartridge in over and over again.  Not without first blowing sharply into the open end, of course!

qbert2I’d be surprised if many people, even gamers, knew that World Records exist for video games, but I assure you the do.  As the pursuit of any world record must, the world of holding and breaking video game records is taken very seriously, and can be a cutthroat undertaking, as evidenced in the best documentary on the subject, The King of Kong, and the sequel, Chasing Ghosts.  Both these films happen to be personal favorites of mine.  They’re unbelievably enthralling, and I implore every true gamer to give them a go. 

Most, if not all the video game world records are endurance tests at the very least, often involving the beating of games long believed impossible to beat.  These records involve a combination of skill, intense dedication, and plain old fashioned attrition.  Most of these records should be lauded.  It takes a special sort of person to be able to play those old games far into their higher levels, let alone blow previous records out of the water, such as Mr. Leutz did.  Before his nearly 85 hour run, the record was 68.5 hours. 

Anyway, I want to officially congratulate Mr. Leutz on his awesome achievement!

image source: [arcade museum]