As another installment of the console wars revs up the expected angry rhetoric has gotten ugly.  With lovers and haters on both sides of the debate, system specs and peripheral factors have little, if anything, to do with most peoples’ decision on whether they’re going to buy a PS4 or an Xbox One.

The choice really boils down to a very simple formula: Are you a fan of the Halo series or not.  Besides a few proprietary titles the only real difference between the two consoles is a matter of which one you already own.  I suspect the number of people who will switch platforms is going to be miniscule.  If you’ve preferred Playstation over the years you’re most likely going to get the new one.  Likewise, if you’ve been a patron of the Xbox over the years you may as well pre-order the Xbox One and stop pretending.

Halo_5The reason I say it boils down to Halo is because that is really the only difference between the systems. Now that Microsoft has admitted their attempted overreach has failed the only real difference is $100, which, if you really think about it, is just a matter of the Xbox One coming with the Kinect and the PS4 requiring you to buy a gesture controller after the fact.  In the long run both consoles are going to cost the same if you want the exact same functionality.  So that leaves Halo.  And speaking as someone who simply cannot abandon the series after having come this far, there was never an instant that I considered getting a PS4.  This isn’t to say I’m proclaiming the Xbox One “better”, because that is precisely my point: it doesn’t matter which one is “better” because it will always be mostly about personal preference, not specifications, price, or anything else.

Will there be gamers who migrate one way or another?  Probably, but I’d be surprised if it was so significant a number that it could sink one of them.  I see the PS4 vs. Xbox One issue as no different that Coke vs. Pepsi.  You know which one you like, and no new version of the product is going to make you pick one over the other, that is, unless you really don’t care about Halo.  Then, you’re probably going to get a PS4 and your dilemma over which console to get isn’t really a dilemma at all.

image source: [techradar] [craveonline]