This video is proof that humanity has potential beyond just obliterating itself.  Companies and projects like this help all of humanity, not only financially, but as a growing species reaching a point where its home planet may not be able to shoulder any further burden placed upon it.

We could have left this planet and explored the solar system years ago, but we squandered all our technology on greedily manipulating world economies and waging war.  What these people are doing is admirable at the very least, and a symbol of humanity’s potential at its very best.

For most of my life I’ve said my perfect job would be  space garbage man. Presumably, if the career existed, tools would be available that made the job relatively simple, where only an operator would be required.  My choice of space garbage man is based solely on the desire to be in space.  Knowing I’d be embarrassingly underqualified for any fancy starship post, I figure space garbage man would be the bottom of the barrel for space jobs, but still allow me a chance to be in space.

Anyway, now I’m thinking asteroid miner beats out space garbage man!!!