I have lived through the introduction of many new video game system generations, from the Nintendo Entertainment System up to the current Xbox One, and every one in between. But, for the last three generations of consoles I have been in a unique position, I had a job. No, I was not some jobless slouch prior to this, I was simply a kid. And honestly for the most part of my childhood I was outside starting fires, fishing, and blowing things up with calcium carbide. I would be on a list if I were a child now. Do not get me wrong my friends and I played video games; it just was not right at the top of our lists at the time. I did play a lot of PC games at the time though. But anyway, so being that I have had a nice bit of disposable income over the past three generations of gaming I started doing something at the end of each console cycle, preemptive retro game collecting. It is cheap and pretty much based on total speculation.

jurassic park
Here is the way it works; when a new console comes out they still support the current generation with new game releases, sometimes for up to a year or more after the new generation console release. During this time used game from the previous generation become insanely cheap. This makes for an excellent time to bolster your game collection for the previous generation console. I started doing this when the Xbox 360 came out. I bought a bunch of games for the original Xbox at very low prices. I remember picking up Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 for maybe $10 it is worth a bit more now and should keep climbing. My crowning achievement so far from the Xbox generation of games has to be Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. I bought it sealed for $12 and never opened it. It is now worth over a $100 which is not a bad return.


Right now I have been buying a good amount of Xbox 360 games. This is where the speculation comes in to play. No one can say for sure what games are going to be worth the most money in the future, if you can for sure, I need lottery numbers. There are a few games that one can assume will be worth money in the future, one I have settled on is a game called Catehrine, I picked it up dirt cheap and it is in good shape and complete with all inserts. So we will see if it turns in to anything. The best thing about pre-emptive game collecting is that while you are doing this you also find games that you may have missed when they were originally released. I ran across one of these a few weeks back, Singularity, it turns out it is a very good game. It is a first person shooter that seems to have some Bioshock influence in it, check it out; you can get it for like $8 or less.

So get out there and start buying up some cheap games! At the least you can catch up on some games you missed and maybe find some new hidden gems.

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