A Ph.D. student at Duke has come up with a way to play pong with your mind.  Now, forget that we’re talking about Pong, which is literally the most primitive video game there is, and think about the potential for such a technology.

There have been a few different mind-controlled games available for some time now, such as Mind Flex, Star Wars Force Trainer and even a version at the Bodies Exhibit in Manhattan where you can pit your psychokinetic abilities against another person!  But these all pale in comparison to being able to control a video game.
star-wars-force-trainer-1While Pong is primitive, look what it spawned.  Nobody could have predicted the state of video games today way back then, so it isn’t outrageous to imagine how far this technology could go.  It isn’t outside the realm of possibility that mind control in video games could become something akin to the difference between an Atari joystick thirty years ago and an Xbox 360 controller today.  What about motion controllers, specifically the Kinect?  As astounding as the Kinect for Xbox One will be, imagine the possibilities another fifteen years down the road. 
While its just a novelty right now, being able to control video games with your mind may become the standard gaming interface in the not too distant future.  
image source: [gizmodo]  [thegreenhead]