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Why It Matters That C-3P0 Has A Red Arm

The story of how C-3P0 got his red arm is a quaint little tale of self sacrifice that ends with C-3P0's heartfelt act of memorializing a fallen comrade. Marvel's one-shot comic detailing C-3P0's adventure does a good job of explaining the mystery virtually ignored in The Force Awakens. It would be easy to brush this tale aside as folly amidst ...

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Pearl Mackie Joins Doctor Who As Bill

Doctor Who Season 10 won't arrive until 2017. When it does Clara Oswald will be but a bittersweet memory. The Doctor will need a new companion lest he lose his mind traveling space and time on his own. He'll find one in someone named Bill, and she'll be played by Pearl ...

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No Wonder #1 Reviewed

Hot off the press after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the premier issue of No Wonder has shipped! My copy of issue #1 arrived--along with an awesome poster included as part of my contribution level--and I'm pretty excited about the final product. Inside the sleek, attractive cover is a solid first issue to what I hope is ...

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Daredevil Season 2: A Whole Lot of Awesome

Daredevil is unquestionably tailor made for binge-watching. The first season showed us what Netflix was capable of by bringing a gritty, emotional superhero story to life, and Daredevil's second season quickly matures into a masterful piece of character-driven storytelling. The three main characters, Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, And Karen Page, all continue ...

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After The Gold Rush: First Look

After a successful Kickstarter over the summer, After The Gold Rush is almost ready for release. This is a comic I've been eagerly awaiting due to its main focus being the celebration of science as one of humanity's greatest achievements. After The Gold Rush examines what it would be like for a ...

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When Does Star Wars Rogue One End And A New Hope Begin?

It might seem obvious when Star Wars: Rogue One ends, and A New Hope begins. But there's some disagreement as to when exactly both films run into ...
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Thin Ice

Doctor Who: Thin Ice Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Bill learns it's not all fun and games on the TARDIS. She begins to see who the Doctor really is when he's on Thin Ice, and couldn't care less ...
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Doctor Who: Smile Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Doctor Who: Smile finds The Doctor and Bill far in humanity's future where emoji's have become a lot more sinister than just a lazy way to commun...
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Doctor Who The Pilot

Doctor Who: The Pilot Reviewed (SPOILERS)

It's been almost two years since the renegade Time Lord flew his TARDIS into our living rooms. He's finally back, and bringing along a girl named ...
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Stop Motion Sunday: LeFouston: How LeFou Met Gaston

Have you ever wanted to know the backstory of how Beauty and The Beast's infamous duo, LeFou and Gaston, first met? Well look no further. LeFou ...
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Kong Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Kong: Skull Island is the second entry into the recently named Monsterverse. Even though it's part of a larger movie franchise it was important for ...
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Sea Is Blue

Stop Motion Sunday: The Sea Is Blue: A Charming Origin Myth

Like all creation myths, The Sea Is Blue makes no logical sense. But it's undeniably beautiful because of its smooth animation, and the touching ...
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Leatherface's Pool Party

Stop Motion Sunday: Leatherface’s Pool Party

Leatherface's Pool Party takes a fun stab at uniting dozens of classic horror franchises at, well, a pool party at Leatherface's house. Basically a ...
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Darth Maul #1 Reviewed: Breathing Life Into The Sith (SPOILERS)

Darth Maul never had a chance in Episode I, but issue #1 of his new Marvel comic gives him a shot at becoming one of the more interesting Star Wars ...
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Stop Motion Sunday: Edmond: Cannibalism’s Soft Side

Cannibalism isn't a topic for everyone. Edmond, however, presents an interesting twist on the concept by portraying the cannibal, or rather ...
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