Over the years there have been several attempts to marry fantasy and humor, but they all eventually fizzled out. While I enjoyed these short-lived projects none made me laugh out loud as often and as hard as the clever new web series, One Hit Die.  This is the series that shows you why a fantasy comedy series can work!

If you can imagine Order of the Stick and Krod Mandoon mating and producing a viciously sarcastic hell-spawn that slays its enemies with finely honed wit, it would be One Hit Die.  Focusing on a party of level 1 adventurers on a quest to find a mystical artifact, the show is a high-functioning blend of Dungeon & Dragons and Reality TV. 

1004009_546291902101551_1781039661_nThe cast of characters comes straight out of any standard DnD group. There’s a wizard, a rogue, a healer, and a fighter.  What makes One Hit Die so fun is how these classic fantasy characters are instilled with modern insecurities and sarcasm, in a way that feels just like every Friday night DnD session you’ve ever played. 
With references to gelatinous cubes, critical hits, and ambush bonuses, the direct link to DnD is there, but One Hit Die truly shines by embracing the culture of playing DnD and translating it in a way which is accessible to anyone who appreciates good comedic sarcasm and knows at least a little about RPG stereotypes.  Even if the only RPG you’ve ever played was on a console or PC, you’ll appreciate One Hit Die. 
1010839_546290528768355_1609374500_nA labor of love that was written during spare time and produced with spare change, One Hit Die feels far more mature and polished than what its modest origin suggests.  Smart writing and spot-on performances really accentuate the stereotypical traits of traditional fantasy RPG characters.  At one point the rogue comes into possession of a dagger which he promptly asks the wizard to identify.  The wizard puts on a show as if he’s using his magic to identify the dagger, but in reality he wouldn’t waste his time, or mana, on an “obviously” common looking weapon.  After all, “mana”, says the wizard, “depletes”. 
While the humor is more than enough to drive the show, I actually wanted to see them continue on their quest.  It might just be the DnD player in me, but I honestly am interested to see how these characters, and their quest, play out.  I implore you to give One Hit Die a chance.  With only four episodes so far, totaling less than thirty minutes, you have no reason not to check it out.  If One Hit Die is going to be successful they’re going to need more than lucky dice.  They’re going to need a supportive party!

image source: [onehitdie]