Let’s face it; the most exciting promise of virtual reality is true cyber-sex.  If all of a sudden everyone could just “plug in” to “get off” the world would be a different place.  I can’t help but reference Caprica, which is perhaps the best example of virtual reality we’ve ever seen in science fiction.  Star Trek’s Holodeck is exceptionally awesome, but the way Caprica portrayed virtual reality—as something you wear and experience in the mind—is far more realistic, and it is quickly becoming a reality. 
The Oculus Rift has been used quite extensively as of late, to test the boundaries of what virtual reality might actually achieve, and it looks like at least one group of people has started working on bringing virtual sex to the masses vis-à-vis a virtual brothel.  Even though the video is just a mock-up it’s a pretty good proof of concept.  With a full body suit that can “stimulate” specific “regions” the possibility of a functional virtual reality sex playground looks less like science fiction every day!

Wicked Paradise Animation Test from Wicked Paradise on Vimeo.

image source: [ugo]