Hot off the press after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the premier issue of No Wonder has shipped!

My copy of issue #1 arrived–along with an awesome poster included as part of my contribution level–and I’m pretty excited about the final product. Inside the sleek, attractive cover is a solid first issue to what I hope is a long journey.

no wonder issue 1 aNo Wonder is about a boy who wakes up from a world saturated with answers into a one where questions are no longer asked. Broken from a bond that connects everyone to everything they need, even the act of speaking is foreign. What happens when everything you know is no longer sufficient, and worse, your only thought is that something is wrong because you’re asking yourself the simple question “what’s wrong”?

The boy, Turner, quickly finds himself running for his life, but not having the slightest clue as to why he’s even running in the first place. It turns out there are others who have become disconnected from the all-sating bond of perfect knowledge, and they’re doing their best to take back the world from the force oppressing their very wills to wonder.

no wonder issue 1 bIssue #1 ends leaving, not un-ironically, more questions about the story than it answers. But in a good way, of course. There’s something about Turner that seems rather important, as if he was always meant to be a part of something great. With humanity kept quiet by technology, and a mysterious group of mask-clad cultists hunting down anyone who dares to ask questions, No Wonder looks to offer an insightful journey into our own possible future. A future where asking questions is grounds for execution.

You can grab a digital copy of No Wonder #1 here. Check it out now and catch up before the next issue debuts!