A small victory for the minds and future of humanity has been won.  For a while it looked as if a short film produced by NASA would not be played before the new Star Trek movie, as was hoped, in an effort to revitalize interest in space exploration among those who will go see the Trek film.  But after a grass roots movement that lead to a successful crowdfunding effort to raise the money necessary to get the film edited down to 30 seconds–thanks sequester, for killing NASA’s educational budget–the film will indeed be played for audiences across the country.
Why is this important you ask?  Why does a short film about the history and potential of human space exploration even matter?  Well, after you spend a few minutes scouring the internet for doubters about human achievement in the field of space exploration you might see why.  Between the idiots that think the moon landing was faked, to the morons who think humans can’t survive in space, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs that so many people not only have a lack of understanding of both the history and current state of space exploration, but are so adamantly convinced that it isn’t even possible, or that it even matters.
I could regale you with a massive list of discoveries made by NASA that effect nearly everyone every single day, but I won’t.  All I will say is that there is something missing, something gone from humanity’s spirit of discovery and adventure.  The need to know what is out there has shrunk down into a vestigial impulse only urging us to check Twitter, update Facebook, and see what happens next on mindless reality shows for hours at a time.
I refuse to accept that there is nothing more to life than the contrivances of money, power, and superstition.  There is a whole universe out there we know almost nothing about, and yet we pacify ourselves with assumptions and ignorance.  There is more out there waiting to be discovered and I simply cannot conceive why that doesn’t inspire people to want to find out. 
Luckily there are many who still have this burning desire to know what is out there, to seek our new life and new civilizations.  To boldly go where no-one has gone before!

image source: [ferdyonfilms]