When I first saw a video of Nigel Ackland and his amazing robotic prosthetic arm I was astounded to see the state of prosthetic technology was so advanced.  To see someone’s life change so much for the better thanks to a highly functional prosthetic hand just reaffirmed how critically important scientific research is to our daily lives. 
Well a new video featuring Mr. Ackland has shown up where he answers some questions from viewers of his previous video, as well  demonstrate how his new hand helps him go about some of his daily routines.  It truly is remarkable to see how well his prosthetic helps him do the “little things” he had lost the ability to do.
There is one thing that came to mind when I watched this video; as advanced as the technology is it is still very basic in comparison to the human hand.  But some of his little “tricks” make me wonder if in the future prosthetic parts will make people more capable than those of us who are completely biological.  When will athletes with prosthetic legs run faster than people who don’t?  No tired feet.  No twisted ankles.  At what point will advanced prosthetic parts become precursors to humanity “improving” itself with technology simply because biology is no longer enough?  

image source: [abovetopsecret]