I find myself becoming ever more and more fascinated with aspects of our culture that are falling by the wayside. Being phased out by our ever changing technological surroundings. I read articles all the time about bits and bobs, gadgets and gizmos; things that just hold no relevance in our society any more.

The rotary phone and the dial-up internet connection were two that I highlighted in an earlier article. I especially found these interesting because my daughter (now 1) will never have a connection to these things. The rotary dial phone exists as a telephone to her only by my description. She’s going to look at me some day and say, “it really took you like 30 seconds to dial a phone number?” Not only that, but we had to REMEMBER all the numbers we needed too! Ugh, I just had a curmudgeon moment.

So today, I was giving the tiny creature a bath and I was looking at one of her plushy bath toys. It was the Melissa and Doug “Julia” style bath baby. When she’s dry she has mud splatters all over her, but once she’s dunked into warm water, the mud “washes” magically off. Until that is, she dries and some how ends up filthy again. While perusing the tag on Miss Julia, I came across the last known vestiges of Modern Day Hieroglyphics.

Yup, I’m talking about the washing machine instructions….. When was the last time you looked at this mindless twaddle of photo strange indecipherable symbols. Hand wash only, tumble dry, cool water… Almost none of them are actually inferable by their picture. Honestly, it was a language all of it’s own we created to keep people busy during the 40’s and 50’s. Here’s the shot from the side of Miss Julia Bath time. So from what I’ve gathered, Julia is machine wash (30C) which is around 85F. I guess that’s warm, thanks…. No bleach…. I don’t understand the dryer symbol… It’s not even on this ridiculous list. And do NOT dry clean…. Great! What jack-ass decided that bleach was a triangle? And the wash symbol with a line is permanent press, but two lines is gentle? None of this is easily understandable without some type of guide. I assume there was a merit badge for figuring this stupid nonsense out.

But for your immeasurable benefit, here’s the full list for your “enjoyment”. Now none of you has any excuse for turning your t-shirts pink. Unless that’s what you want to do.


I’m positive my 92 year old grandmother can decipher this scribble completely unaided. And she could lecture to me ceaselessly about the virtues of lye over carbolic powder….Frankly I just throw everything into the washer and let the soap gods figure it out.


Image Source: [123Inspirations][BadAssQuilters]