I am just going to say right off the bat Metal Hurlant Chronicles, WOW! I really like the essence of this show. The idea of a new sci-fi anthology television show, a la Amazing Stories or Twilight Zone, is down right awesome. Apparently this series has been on in Europe since late 2012 and SyFy channel picked it up for US distribution. The series is an english language series produced by a French production house, WE Productions.

This show was developed from a comic book anthology Metal Hurlant, or as it is more commonly in the US, Heavy Metal. Each episode starts with a shot of a fragment from a planet where inhabitants destroyed them selves, the chunk of rock is destined to travel the endless bounds of space and time forever. As the rock flies by a planet we are presented with a story from that planet, it is actually a really interesting way to tie the series episodes together while allowing them to still be independent stories.

The coolest thing about this method of story telling is that we can be presented with a medieval themed story and in the next episode it can be based on a space station or with in a super advanced civilization, the possibilities are endless. Strangely, I have never read this entire comic series, but I am trying to collect all of it as of right now. It is going to be a task to say the least.

As for an individual review of each episode, I plan on starting a weekly review that will be published on early Tuesday mornings. Strangely figuring out a way to review this show is a little more complicated then I had originally thought it would be, but do not fret, Geek Trench will come through!

I am really looking forward to Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which is on the SyFy channel Monday at 8 P.M. EST.

image source: [Metal Hurlant]
image source: [The Lady]