Here is a little documentary that introduces us to five of the two-hundred thousand people that applied for Mars One. Mars One is a private enterprise project to establish a permanent settlement on Mars. The organization plans to start sending people to Mars, four at a time, starting in 2024. With the current technology that is available to humanity this would be a one way trip. Some people may say these people are crazy or just social outcasts, but they are pioneers, they are willing to take a giant leap of faith to push humanity to the stars. The question is could you do it? Could you leave everything you know on Earth, family, friends, the way of life, to colonize Mars? It could be a suicide mission or you could live out your days on Mars. Who knows, maybe you would be on Mars for ten year and then we would have the technology to bring you back. The possibilities are endless. I personally would love to do it, but could I really do it, I do not know.

Mars One Way from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.