So they have it down to the final 100 for the Mars One mission. It is funny to read articles about this. Many people are calling the volunteers crazy and just sad souls looking to make a name for themselves. People are saying the whole project is just one giant “click bait” and is never going to happen. Is there a chance that this mission won’t happen or may fail. Sure there is, hell you may get killed on the way to work this morning, anything can happen. But this mission needs to happen, it is the next natural step in our exploration of the solar system. So you really have to ask yourself; which side of history will you be on? Are you with the explorers of old that set out across an ocean when everyone else was saying the world was flat or are you one to the people that thought the world was flat? It seems like some people can’t understand why anyone would want to go on a one way mission to Mars. I think it just requires a totally different kind of mental fortitude, someone that is almost selfless and wants to further humanities knowledge by colonizing another world. But, I may be wrong, just about every article I read says this is crazy. Keep in mind, with a launch date of 2024 a lot can change between now and then. Also remember, pioneers aren’t always remembered, just the ones that get it right. Everyone knows the Wright Brothers but do you know Augustus Moore Herring? So maybe it isn’t just about putting their name in the history books for the volunteers of this epic mission.