Theories abound about who Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame will be playing in Doctor Who Season 9. Here’s my take.

romanaI’d like to begin by detailing all the reasonable possibilities for Ms. Williams’ character. She could be several people from the Doctor’s past, all of who would present a fantastic storytelling opportunity. She could be the Rani, Romana, or Susan. Those are the three most easy-to-guess options. She could also be the Corsair, introduced in The Doctor’s Wife. A character we’ve never seen, but would still fulfill a “past acquaintance” role very nicely. She could, of course, be anyone the writer chooses, but it’s more likely that she’s someone Whovians know of than that she (or formerly he) isn’t.

I do, however, think all of these characters are going to make a return in the coming seasons. The reason happens to be my theory on how Gallifrey will return.

I believe Maisie Williams will be playing The Rani, one of the Doctor’s most formidable, and terrifying enemies.  If the Master is bad, The Rani might actually be worse. She has no problem with experimenting on entire worlds for the sake of advancing her research… whatever nefariousness that might be.

The RaniThe reason I think this “new” character will be The Rani is because I believe the return of Gallifrey will be heralded by several of The Doctor’s friends, and enemies.  Now that The Master, as Missy, is back, I think we’re going to see the return of another bad Time Lord. This would fit perfectly with one of Doctor Who’s themes, that being, The Doctor just can’t have nice things.  The Doctor knows the Time Lords’ return probably won’t be a very good thing for the universe, but they’re still his people. How would he feel if he keeps finding the bad ones coming back instead of ever one of the good ones?

I think we’re going to see The Rani return before any of the good ones, and form an alliance with Missy to try and take out The Doctor. Next we’ll see The Corsair, followed by Romana, and eventually, Susan.  This will be the bases for the Time Lords’ return, setting up both sides of the Next Great Time War!

I see a battle for control over Gallifrey, and the Doctor building an army a la A Good Man Goes To War. For me this would be an unparalleled jump in awesomeness for Doctor Who. I have long wanted the Time Lords to come back, and I think their return will bring the best storytelling we’ve seen in all 50+ years.