So you think that where you come from has an effect on where you’re going? Well you’re probably right! But you could be right in ways you never thought about.

Today’s addition of “Do You Love Data?” graphs a correlation between the average SAT scores in the US versus family income. The results are pretty staggering considering where most of the young population falls on this chart.

It’s well known that the vast majority of American citizens fall into the lower percentages of the country’s overall income bracket. By that definition, their children are subject to the trials and tribulations that come along with a “below-the-poverty-line” up-bringing. I’m not going to quote statistics on that, because any news source will give you their own version of the numbers. But the fact is a lot of Americans live well below the poverty line. And if this data is to be trusted (and I know there are plenty of variables involved) but, if this chart is in any way accurate, it should break your heart for the children living at the low end of the scale.

We were all told that college is the best way to advance ourselves in life. And while that may not be entirely true for some people, for the most part, college is on the agenda for a large number of us….. Except those of us living at the low end of the income scale. With SATs in the 1300s for the new 3-part test many of these kids will not get accepted to anything but the lowest rated community colleges. And unfortunately a 2-year degree isn’t what it used to be these days.

Well thought out education reform that helps children dynamically is the only way we can give our children one of the greatest lasting gifts of their lifetime, a well-rounded education!



Image Source: [TrekCore][reddit]