As those of us who drudge through our workdays relax on this Labor Day, let us savor the time off we get, and reflect on our future’s past, when robots will rise up and demand fair wages, paid time off, and subsidized maintenance-care.  For in the future a time will come where almost every “job” is not outsourced but in-sourced with robots and a cyber-workforce.

JP-ROBOT-1-articleLargeWe’re already starting to see signs of the mechanization of the workforce.  While manual labor still primarily requires human beings, it’s difficult to see how the future won’t look grim in that regard.  Who will need ditch-diggers when you can buy ditch-digging robots?  What farmer will pay fragile humans who require breaks, food, and…money, when you can just buy tilling droids?

With hologram receptionists, robot noodle chefs, automated warehouses, robot phlebotomists, and the rise of 3D-printing, just how far away is the tipping point for when skilled laborers, tradesmen, and manufacturing jobs are all obsolete?  On this 2013 labor day I’m going to ponder the purpose of merely toiling away at our jobs, while imagining what the world will be like when 90% of the population is clamoring for ways to earn money.

image source: [nytimes] [foreignpolicy]