Kong: Skull Island is the second entry into the recently named Monsterverse. Even though it’s part of a larger movie franchise it was important for Kong to stand on its own two legs. Luckily it has, and is a roaring success.

It’s tough to beat Godzilla for the title of “King of the Monsters” but King Kong’s cinematic return in Skull Island makes him a true contender for the crown. Everything missing from previous King Kong remakes showed up in Skull Island. The key to it’s success being that is not an actual remake of the original film, but a re-imagining of the classic tale.

Kong Is King Throughout Kong: Skull Island

First and foremost Kong: Skull Island is a monster movie. It is a monster movie for people who love monster movies. In every way this is the monster movie Godzilla (2014) should have been. Kong wasn’t in every second of Skull Island, but his presence is not only felt early, but often enough to keep him at the forefront of the plot.

Kong: Skull Island Skull WalkerThe various beasties throughout the film also played a significant role in developing the story. Sometimes used to express the dichotomy of reactions the human characters had during the movie, and others as a way of expressing Kong’s humanity. Throughout the movie we see Kong become an interesting character, and not just a thing to point and scream at. Kong: Skull Island made the great ape something for us to cheer for, to love, and to root for when he battles Godzilla in 2020!

But What About The People?

Kong: Skull Island Samuel L JacksonSpeaking of the film’s humanity, the human cast was absolutely on point. John Goodman, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tom Hiddleston were exceptional castings. Their performances were as good as they’ve ever given, and brought each of their characters to life in a way you rarely care about in monster movies. They were each interesting in their own way, but John C Riley absolutely stole the film. His recognizable brand of absentminded buffoonery was a highlight of the film that never felt forced or out of place. But if one performance should be lauded, it is Samuel L. Jackson for being a frightening badass villain. He absolutely tied the movie together from all angles, and gave you someone to really root against.

Kong: Skull Island Is The Monster Movie For Fans

Kong: Skull Island was the modern monster movie I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid. Godzilla (2014) tried but was mediocre at best, while still giving Godzilla fans far more than the 1998 debacle. Pacific Rim was not a great film, but gave us the Kaiju fans have always wanted to see. Cloverfield was the best monster movie to come out in decades, but suffered from found-footage-foolery, and a near lack of the monster itself. Kong: Skull Island surprised me by trouncing back into the forefront of the Kaiju genre. It’s everything a monster movie should be. It manages to be a contemporary monster movie that sticks to the classic style. If you’ve ever loved monster movies do yourself a favor and go see it!

Kong: Skull Island Banner