New software used in conjunction with Microsoft’s Kinect allows you to turn any surface into a touch screen.  This just might be the innovation we’ve needed to take gaming to a level never before possible.  What if games projected out from the screen and allowed you to interact with them tactically, without a controller? 

Imagine reaching a stage in an RPG where the only way to proceed is to beat a guardian at a game of chess.  Well, previously that game would have to be on screen, obviously, but with this new Kinect technology it is possible for that board to be projected right in front of you.  Or imagine a detective style game where you can sort through and move around all the evidence right in front of you as would a real detective. 
kinect touchscreen 2It would behoove game designers to take advantage of this technology in ways that add to the game play experience.  Think of it like “breaking the 4th wall”.  The game now has an integral real-world component, bringing the virtual into reality.  I think the next great advancements in gaming won’t be in processing power and graphics, but the integration of new peripheral technologies that can work together to create more immersive and interactive environments.  
This technology is now on sale to the public, where it can be used by businesses and schools and visionaries alike.  It will be interesting to see how having this technology so accessible leads it to transform our daily lives.  Will physical keyboards vanish as PC’s in the future come with micro-projectors that give us a keyboard with a wave of our hands?  Think of its potential in education?  Transforming every student’s desk into an interactive surface?  This is very real Sci-Fi Tech, and before long it will be commonplace, and we’ll have trouble imagining our lives without it. 
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