It’s been a while since SciFi Geeks have had a show firmly set in space, and Killjoys not only fills that void, but fills it with lots of gooey spacey-wacey goodness!

Killjoys starts off with a little bit of torture and misdirection. Our new heroes get to show their wiles by craftily seizing the upper hand, and doing what they do best, collect bounties. The tone of Killjoys is made clear early on: action, smarmy humor, and fun.

killjoys 2By the time Killjoys begins the team has mostly been together for a while. I love when a series starts with established history between characters because you get an automatic sense of chemistry that lets the story just pick up and run. No wasted time in the first episode getting to know each other.

The writers have done a great job of building a tangible world that bristles with culture, charm, and intrigue.  Full of colloquialisms, lingo, and jargon that force you to listen carefully to every line, there’s a depth to the show that makes it feel like an old favorite very quickly.

The story centers around a pair of Reclamation Apprehension Center (RAC) Agents, known as “Killjoys” by the people throughout the galaxy due to their tendency for killing people’s fun. I was expecting a crew similar to Cowboy Bebop, but I’m pleasantly surprised that these bounty hunters are actually employees, not freelancers.  I think it builds in an automatic point of contention around which a lot of great potential narratives can be written. There’s going to be moments where they need to take stock of their morals to either “finish a warrant”, or let someone go, and I can’t wait to see those moments.

killjoys 3The breakout character has to be Dutch, a “femme fatale” type handled with much more class than being reduced to a predictable sexual object. As the leader of the team (which quickly becomes three strong) she’s elevated to a position of respect, and authority that is refreshing, and very exciting. It seems clear that Killjoys may steer around the usual tropes a show like this could fall into, at least I hope so.

Halfway through the episode it becomes clear how a lot of episodes will probably go down; with a con job, some setbacks, and eventual success (usually) in finishing the warrant. It would be easy for the writers to fall into a loop thematically, but enough intrigue was built into the premier to make me confidant they’ll put character development, and plot, above the easy-out of repetitive storytelling. I’m looking forward to a show that will unfold very much how Firefly did, mostly because, for all intents and purposes, Killjoys is Firefly.

This might seem blasphemous to even imply but Killjoys feels like a clone of Firefly, in all the most flattering ways. I don’t mean anything negative by the comparison, I just feel a parallel had to be made for the sake of mentioning the 10,000 pound stegosaurus in the room. Somehow Killjoys doesn’t feel like a rip-off so much as a tribute, and very much like a second chance for the fans to see something stolen from us too soon.

Enough pining over the past, because Killjoys very much feels like the future.