It would be easy just to say that if you liked Kick-Ass then you’ll love Kick-Ass 2.  To be honest, I’m not sure it was better than the first movie, but it certainly felt like it was a necessary completion to the whole Kick-Ass story.  While by the end of the film I was pumped up for a third installment, this sequel exemplifies how to close up loose ends and satisfy without the need for dragging on and on simply to sell tickets.  If the Kick-Ass story is done, it went out on top.

Kick-Ass-2-motherfucker-thumb-630xauto-40446To say that Kick-Ass 2 is probably better than all the recent traditional superhero movies wouldn’t be an exaggeration.  The typical superhero movies don’t need to rely on great stories since they can bank on the inherent interest in the particular Marvel or DC character the movie is about.  Sprinkle in a bunch of explosions and epic battles that destroy lots of public property, and you’ve got your average superhero movie.  Where Kick-Ass 2 succeeds and exceeds these other movies is not by abandoning those elements, but by weaving them into a surprisingly touching, always engrossing narrative.

I think Kick-Ass 2 helps complete the overall story by making us understand exactly why there aren’t any superheros in real life.  Not because super-powers don’t exist, but because vigilante justice comes with a price.  If Kick-Ass 2 is about anything it is about loss.  It is about the price you would pay if you were to put on a costume and go kick the asses of actual criminals you came across.

Kick-Ass-2-Jim-Carrey-and-Aaron-Taylor-JohnsonKick-Ass 2 manages to build on the characters you’re familiar with by developing their complexities by broadening relationships, maturing their motivations, and forcing them to confront their fears.  Using all that it offers up a glimpse of the good average people have within them.  This is what makes these characters so indelible; they actually are just like the rest of us.

If you loved Kick-Ass then you’ll adore Kick-Ass 2.  If you’ve never really been into superheros, like myself, then the Kick-Ass films are the superhero movies you never even knew you wanted to see.  Beneath the great fights, the charming characters, the truly un-sympathetic villains, and the thrilling mayhem, is a well-written, wonderfully-acted, thoroughly enjoyable movie about ordinary superheros kicking a lot of ass!

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