So this post started with a moral dilemma. I could not decide whether to post the trailer first and then this little body of text or vice versa. I went with this choice, obviously, mainly because I need to put words to what you are about to watch and what it may mean for future generations of sci-fi enthusiasts.

The first teaser trailer for Jupiter Ascending showed some promise in what this film could be and hopefully would be. The second trailer in my mind confirms what this movie will mean to the sci-fi film universe. We are currently in the middle of a new sci-fi golden age. If you look at lists of this year’s movie releases it is dominated by sci-fi. Even network television is embracing the movement, even though the major aspect missing from the small screen is a show with spaceships. But that is about to be taken care of by the SyFy channel.

This movie is going to become one of the new classics. The question is will it be a breakout hit from the start like Star Wars – A New Hope or is it going to become a cult sci-fi hit like Blade Runner or Dune? The new trailer plays like an opus to sci-fi fans. The princess, who I think is named Jupiter, is hidden away on Earth. A power hungry heathen wants to have complete power over Earth to claim its resources, Jupiter stands in the way. Guess what, here comes an entire interplanetary armed service branch to kill her, but there is a protector. Jupiter must return to her home world and claim her royal birthright and make some royal decrees, or something like that. I think there is some sort of galactic corporation stuff going on here too. Anyway, there are spaceships, lasers, power-shields, hover boots of some sort, space battles, crazy land battles, and dragon looking creatures. Yeah, dragons!

I think the Wachowskis have created something new and amazing with this movie. I truly believe that this movie is going to be a game changer! I hope that this movie is a major blockbuster and the floodgates of Hollywood money will open to new sci-fi scripts. Any way here is the trailer, Jupiter Ascending opens July 18th.