The first half of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has gotten scant praise from viewers and critics, but I’ve enjoyed the show since the beginning.  There certainly is room for improvement, but I think the slow pace of the show is a conscious effort to develop the characters and their relationships rather than pasting the screen with fast-paced, but ultimately hollow action.  I also think that Agents of SHIELD is beginning to look a lot like an origin story than simply an action/adventure/spy show.
skyedebriefcoverSo whose origin are we witnessing?  More than one actually.  First and foremost, I believe the entire point of the show is to develop Skye’s character into a brand new super hero.  With recent revelations of her mysterious origins, especially that she was deemed so incredibly important that agents gave their lives to protect her, it’s looking very likely that she is someone with latent super powers, at least in some form.
While Skye has always been talented, smart, and driven, these traits alone weren’t enough.  She has learned the value of her team, the value of justice at all costs, and has been steadily getting experience in difficult, life-threatening situations.  She’s becoming part of the team, a team that is part of an organization that exists to assist and backup super heroes.
If it is the case that Agents of SHIELD is an origin story for Skye, then I believe we have only seen the very start of this show’s potential.  It would be quite fulfilling to watch a brand new super hero come into being over the course of several seasons.  It is something that hasn’t been explored on television before.  Yes there have been numerous super heroes on TV, but none that started off ordinary, and who transformed into something extraordinary.  Most of the time the superhero starts off as such, or quickly “turn into” their true selves rapidly.  What’s happening on Agents of SHIELD is something more substantial, and ultimately far more gratifying.  I can envision a time when Skye has realized her powers, acquired a sweet costume, taken a  cool name, and become a serious badass!
image source: [tvdatabase] [buddytv]