Indie games have become a serious force in the gaming world.  Hundreds, if not thousands of developers are now part of the huge market that makes up indie gaming, and there’s no signs of this phenomenon slowing down.  The field of indie gaming allows so many more people to develop, distribute, and profit, from their passion for gaming, and it gives fans a nearly limitless “secondary” market of games besides the mainstream big-name releases.  Indie gaming is so popular it even spurred the creation of the Ouya, a console devoted entirely to indie gaming.
One thing that’s great about indie gaming is the creativity that flows from the developers.  This creativity is often inspired by the interests of the developers themselves, rather than the desires of corporate masters making the decisions to maximize profit.  One particularly creative game, Cuphead, is intriguing if only because of its source material.  With a graphical style that looks exactly like classic 1930s-era cartoons such as Steamboat Willy, and with music in exactly the same style, Cuphead shows that there really are no limits to indie game development anymore.  With a creative and inspired team of developers, and a fanbase that will essentially never go away, indie gaming is here to stay.  Launching in late 2014 for Windows PC, Cuphead looks to be a unique and memorable experience!

image source: [laughingsquid]