Everyone has an Ikea near them right? Well I don’t know about you guys in the rural mid-west. But here in the Tri-State area we’ve got a few to choose from. I happened to be doing one of the things I do best, randomly surfing the internet for things that interest me. When I find something that interests me AND could pass for an interesting article, THEN I’ve hit the jack pot!

Well friends, winner winner, chicken dinner! I happened to be looking for plans to convert my young daughters bed into a loft castle with a play area underneath and lo and behold I stumbled onto IKEAHackers.net. Its a site completely devoted to changing, refinishing, or modding Ikea items into truly fashionable, fun, and functional furniture!

Have you ever wanted a library card catalog but couldn’t afford it? IKEAHackers.net!

Want to install a fancy sideboard in the dining room to hold the fine china? IKEAHackers.net!

Need to build a book nook for your kid to read quietly and enjoy their learning? IKEAHackers.net!

Seriously, follow the link and give it a try!

IKEAHack 1IKEAHack 2 IKEAHacker 3

ImageSource: [IKEAHackers]