Holy Pie! It’s a new Raspberry Pi!

Just when you thought the versatile Raspberry Pi was starting to fade into the background, now it comes

roaring back with some fantastic vast improvements!

Previously the Pi was simply a tool for dabblers and dorks. It’s a decent little Linux PC that can execute

code. However, most hardcore tinkerers have been using the Arduino boards instead of the Pi for simple


That may soon change as the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ has been released. The B+ comes with a host

of great improvements, not the least of which is a 900MHz Quad-Core processor and 1GB of onboard

ram. The new power house chip allows the user to run Windows, MAC OSX, or the default Linux system

we have gotten used to on the Pi. What this means is that the Raspberry Pi is now a contender for being

an actual usable PC for most of the population. It’s a $35 PC board that runs Windows 10! With an

Ethernet port and 4 (count’em FOUR) USB ports on-board, as well as HDMI and stereo outputs, this item

is a fantastic tiny machine, for an even smaller price.

Here is a rundown of the improvements to the new boardset(aside from the processor and RAM


o Dual step-down (buck) power supply for 3.3V and 1.8V (The B+ draws .5W less power)

o 5V supply has polarity protection, 2A fuse and hot-swap protection (so you can plug/unplug USB accessories without resetting the board)

o New USB/Ethernet controller chip

o 4 USB 2.0 ports instead of 2 ports

o 40 GPIO pins instead of 26. The top/first 26 pins match the original layout, 9 additional

o Composite (NTSC/PAL) video now integrated into 4-pole 3.5mm ‘headphone’ jack

o MicroSD card socket instead of full size SD

o Four mounting holes in rectangular layout

I can’t wait to try out the new hardware on my RetroPie emulator software and see if this tiny monstrosity

can run PS2 games as well as the previous unit ran PS1 titles!

Image Source: [Adafruit]