hermit crab 2What will surely go down in history as the reason for a worldwide spike in hermit crab collecting, artist Aki Inomata has put together a series of photos featuring hermit crabs wearing 3D-printed shells.  After learning about a transfer in ownership of land between Japan and France, the artist was inspired to create this clever and quirky metaphor for the inherent strangeness in the swapping of land ownership between nations.

I can’t deny that I kind of want a hermit crab now.  Now that there are several on-demand 3D-printing sites that can make a seemingly endless number of 3D-printed doodads, it’s actually a low-cost, low-maintenance hobby that anyone can pick up and have fun with.  How cool would it be to have a hermit crab with a Yoda shell, or skull, or dare I suggest… a TARDIS?  Holy crap… a Dalek hermit crab!

image source: [aki-inomata]