The unfortunate few who notice the seduction hiding in the shadows of the Cenobites’ world often try to convince others of what they see. It rarely works. These poor souls end up losing their minds because either they’ve seen too much, or because of the stress of nobody in their lives believing them. The first story in Issue #5 is one such tale about a woman locked away in a mental hospital because the messages she saw written in the shadows of her life were too unbelievable for her husband to take seriously. That is, until he starts to see them. And of course, it just get’s worse for him when he does…

The second story is rather ‘out there’, but in that wholesome sadistic way only Hellraiser can offer. It’s a story about two friends who share a love of some very special books that transport them, very literally, into a world of dark fantasy. A good story is best shared with those close to you, and as these two friends find it harder to resist the lure of their favorite books, they become inseparable. Permanently!

Screenshot_51The fifth installment of ‘The Hunted’ finds Pinhead continuing to exact revenge against those who tore the pins from his head for the promise of riches. But the only riches they’ll find is the wealth of suffering only Pinhead can offer.

I love the moments when Pinhead, and the Cenobites in general, show signs of being able to suffer the same danger as the mortals they hunt. It’s a strange blend of power and vulnerability which I suppose is really central to who and what they are. They not only enjoy inflicting pain on mortals, but enjoy the experience themselves. They are sadomasochists after all.

The issue concludes with Pinhead finding his way to a secret vault in the Vatican that supposedly holds horrific treasures from across time. When it looks like he is trapped by his assailant, he finds something far greater than his lost pins. He finds a very special box, and with it a means to exact revenge on those who dared wrong him.

The penultimate issue in the series is bittersweet. I’m so excited to see not only how ‘The Hunted’ ends, but also what two last tales of the macabre have been saved for last. As I’ve said in earlier reviews of this series, I really see the potential for a longer run of Cenobite-oriented stories. I’m sure I’ll go on and on about what I’d love to see in the future in my review of the final issue, but I couldn’t help but sneak in one more quick plea that this not be the last entry into the Hellraiser comic universe!