The first issue left off with our sadistic anti-anti-anti-hero being captured. Pinhead was targeted by a group of individuals who obvious know more than they should about things they should never mess with.¬†Issue #2 continues the nice formatting of this series, that is, two classic Hellraiser-esque short stories, and further development along the main storyline of Pinhead’s unusual experience on Earth.

Hellraiser Bestiary #2 Cover BThe first story takes place in the 40s, and revolves around a lonely blues guitar player sitting at a crossroads waiting for the devil. It’s a classic story of someone wanting to trade anything, even their soul, just for one more moment with someone they love. The artwork tells as much of the story as does the song the man sings and the deal he makes with four fallen angels. There’s even a bit of a twist that makes it quite a beautifully haunting tale.

The second short is a nice juxtaposition to the first, set in modern times, and predictably no less macabre. A girl readies herself for some action in front of a camera for an S&M website. Little does she know that when the cameraman hands her a puzzle box and asks her to solve it her safe word isn’t going to help much. What makes this brief tale so intriguing is the unasked question of whether or not the cameraman has given other unfortunates a turn in front of the camera, or if this is just the first time. In the end the cameraman won’t be filming anymore dark fantasies, but was this merely his first and last mistake, or finally his time to pay the piper?

The main story continues with Pinhead’s captors working diligently to remove every pin from our favorite cenobite’s head. We finally get an answer to a question only the most perverse of us have ever asked. How many pins are actually in pinhead’s head? I won’t spoil the fun, but his captors do leave with what they were tasked to collect, and do their best to destroy the demon prince before taking them to their new owner. Of course Pinhead can’t be disposed of so easily, and he already has a good idea where to find his most treasured possessions: The Vatican!

I really love this series so far. The artwork perfectly captures the darkness and grittiness that is Hellraiser. The short stories are fantastic little morsels of horror, offering glimpses into the world of the Cenobites and Lament Configuration which calls them to those who know not what they truly desire. I’m thoroughly interested in the main story, and can’t wait to see it unfold in all its gruesome glory. Not only does this series further the mythology of Hellraiser, but after only two issues, it’s better than nearly every movie in the film series!

image source: [bloodydisgusting]