So about a week ago, one of my newest colleagues mentioned in passing that he is a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation trivia. I, of course, countered with the statement that I had yet to find my equal in TNG knowledge. Starship classes, episode titles, details of such minute important; I claim to know a staggering amount about it.

The gauntlet was thrown and the challenge accepted. First to 15 points. Answered questions gained a point for the askee. Unanswered questions gained a point for the asker. Questions could only be formed from in-story material, and data had to come from internal knowledge. No use of Memory Alpha or watching TNG episodes to mine for question data. Below are the 25 questions we asked in the duration of the challenge. Questions labelled EtF are questions that were asked by me (Ed); those labelled FtE are questions my colleagues asked (F). Enjoy this mind-numbingly difficult quiz! (yeah I know a few are pretty easy, we took some pity on each other in the middle rounds!

Star Trek TNG Knowledge Questions

1: EtF What was the name of the omnipotent race of beings Kevin Uxbridge was a member of in the episodeKevin_Uxbridge “The Survivor”

2: FtE What was the name of the heavy metal compound used to slowly poison and hasten the death of K’mpec and the succession of the High Chancellor position?

3: EtF What was the name of the Lt Cmdr sent by Star Fleet to experiment on Data’s positronic brain in “The Measure of a Man?”

4: FtE What is Will Riker’s father’s name?

5: EtF What is Data’s daughters name?

6: FtE How many chocolate sundaes does Q order when he becomes human?Q,_2372

7: EtF In the episode “Relics” where Scotty preserves himself in the pattern buffer of a shuttle crashed on the surface of the Dyson Sphere, what is the name of the shuttle?

8: FtE What high school did Geordi LaForge attend?

9: EtF What class of Starship was the SS. Tsiolkovsky in the “Naked Now”

10: FtE In the episode “Thine Own Self” when Data is recovering radioactive materials lost on a pre-warp world, his memory is damaged and the local people give him a name in lieu of his real one. What name is he given (by Gia the girl who finds him)?

11: EtF What song did data sing at Deanna and Will’s wedding in Nemesis?

12: FtE How many lights were there?

13: EtF In the episode “The Nth Degree” where Reg Barclay is granted insanely high intelligence, what isReginald_Barclay,_2376 the name of the sub-space telescope being repaired when Reg is attacked by the alien probe?

14: FtE Name an extremely popular Bajoran dish.

15: EtF In the episode “Starship Mine” where Picard stops terrorists from stealing trilithium resin from within the warp core, the Enterprise-D was docked at the Remmler Array to eliminate what particles that build up in a starship during routine travel and operation?

16: FtE In the episode “Redemption II” how does Picard and Starfleet detect Romulan ships attempting to supply the Duras family with weapons and support during the Klingon civil war?

17: EtF In the episode “Frame of Mind” what was the name of the play that Beverly Crusher wrote, starringRikerFrameOfMind Will Riker?

18: FtE In “Insurrection” how old was the Bak’u child Artim who befriended Data?

19: EtF In “First Contact” who does Lily Collins compare Captain Picard to in his relentless desire to stop the Borg at all costs?

20: FtE In the episode “Darmok” where Picard is stranded on the planet with the alien captain Dathon, what is the name of Dathon’s race?

21: EtF When Q appears on the bridge of the Enterprise in “Hide and Q” what form does he first take?

22: FtE What race is the Enterprise-D’s barber?

23: EtF When a young Lt Picard is stabbed through the heart in a bar fight, what race of beings stabs him?

24: FtE In the episode “Allegiance” where Picard is kidnapped and replaced with a doppelganger he is imprisoned with three other “victims”. The fourth victim was a member of the Chalnoth race, what was his name?

25: EtF In the episode “Brothers” where Lore steals the emotions chip from Dr Soong he sings a song whileLore,_2370 beaming out of the laboratory; what was that song?

Answers to follow next week!

Image Source:[KPHO][Memory Alpha]