Vibrant characters, engaging story, and relentless humor.  Guardians of the Galaxy is a fantastic movie all around.  So good that a sequel–hopefully many of them–can’t come soon enough!

25 Stunning New Images From Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’   Flicks and BitsUpon it’s release, Avengers instantly became the best Marvel movie ever.  It worked on every level, entertaining fans both hardcore and casual alike by breaking the mold for what a comic book movie could be.  Now there’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the mold itself is completely obsolete.  Guardians of the Galaxy is not only the best Marvel movie to date, it might be one of the most purely fun movies of all time!

“Hogwash”, you say.  But really, Guardians really is that good.  It not only feels like a comic book is exploding off the screen,  it does so in a way Avengers just couldn’t: By being more than just a comic book movie.  Guardians is a Science Fiction action flick with wit and humor that absolutely embarrasses every comedy today.  It so transforms its genre that all action comic book movies from this point forward will forever be measured against it.

25 Stunning New Images From Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’   Flicks and Bits (1)The characters come alive as if they’re old friends from a treasured SciFi series in it’s 8th season! They’re indelible, lovable, and completely cheerable! As rag-tag a bunch as they are, they they fit together perfectly.  There’s a strong chemistry amongst the team, whether it’s just splendid writing or something between the actors themselves.  It doesn’t matter, because it works.  In fact, if I was forced to point out any flaw it would be that without the characters of Rocket and Groot the movie would amount to far less.  That’s not to say everything  besides them didn’t work, it’s just that they are so absolutely integral to the feel of the movie and the narrative of the story.

It’s patently clear early on that this film is but the beginning of something huge.  Not just that sequels are obviously happening, after all, we already know that they are.  What I mean is that the seeds of something that will impact the entire Marvel cinematic universe have been sewn here, and no, I don’t mean Groot either.  A major focal point for the Marvel heroes to rally against has been zeroed in on, and it is going to be something epic indeed.

25 Stunning New Images From Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’   Flicks and Bits (2)Guardians of the Galaxy realizes the full potential of comic books on the big screen.  It is exciting, funny, gripping, and thrilling the entire time, from Starlord’s origin, to Drax sharpening his new favorite knife.  Oh and did I mention that Zoe Saldana should be in every single science fiction movie?  Anyway, go see Guardians of the Galaxy!

image source: [liveforfilm] [flicksandbits]