So a few evenings ago I was chatting with one of our other writers on Xbox Live (yes, this is an admission of where my console loyalties lay). And the subject of great movies of the 80s came about. It’s a hard thing to admit this, but I have never seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”….

OK, now that many of you have recovered from your collective angry breakdowns let me explain a bit. I never watched FB as a kid because frankly I had never heard of it. It would never have been able to compete (description wise) with my childhood favorites anyway. The Goonies, where these kids have a caper so amazing even the Hardy boys would be proud, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where all your favorite characters are actually real and a drunken hard-bitten detective has to come to their rescue, and the mother of all 1980s movies: GHOSTBUSTERS, where four NYC schlubs get to do the greatest job we could ever imagine, bust ghosts using cutting edge visually stunning equipment while tooling around in a ’59 Caddy ambulance.

What has Ferris Bueller got to offer, aside from a kid who is actually a jerk! Honestly, you think he’s taking the rap for destroying his best friend’s father’s priceless auto… nuh-uh…

In any case. This conversation sparked a neuron in my memory today. And here, for your viewing pleasure is (apparently) the list of the 50 greatest movies of the 1980s.

So yeah, I’ve never seen Ferris Bueller, but if you haven’t seen the Labyrinth, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this blog!

50 Greatest Movies of the 1980s!