Imagine a time when Humanity has spread so far across the Galaxy that Earth itself, our ancestral home, has become a myth. What would pilgrims returning to Earth find when they arrived?

Screenshot_164That’s the premise of After the Gold Rush, an intriguing new comic launching a Kickstarter campaign later this summer. So far the artwork, and what little story details are available, are enough to get me very excited. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with After the Gold Rush’s creator, and learn a little more about the project.

The subject matter clearly shows a deep love for science, and passion for the wonder science offers. The comic’s creator, Miles Greb, drew from the likes of Carl Sagan as inspiration for bringing his love, and respect for science to the painted page.

Screenshot_163Sagan’s work on Cosmos, and his work as a Scientist mean much to me and this project. He is the greatest science communicator, perhaps, of all time. I only hope I can do a fraction of the good he did. But there is no one major source. There is no exact homage, it’s more of wanting to relight the torch.

With few plot details (none actually) besides the overall setting, After the Gold Rush promises to be a touching, intellectual adventure that speaks to all of us who love science, and yearn for a world that embraces knowledge and wonder.

The Kickstarter event will kick off in August, and will focus solely on the first issue with stretch goals allowing for up to twenty-five, the planned complete run. I’m sure more details about the story, and project as a whole, will be made available when the funding drive begins, and I eagerly look forward to learning more, as well as personally contributing to this project.

I’ll be providing updates when the Kickstarter event begins, as well as during the drive itself, and whatever else news there is after–hopefully–a successful campaign!