The fierce and powerful metal band, Galactic Empire, has a Kickstarter to raise funds for a studio album, as well as a tour of the galax…uh…the country, maybe the world!

Back on May the 4th, the world renowned unofficial Star Wars holiday, Galactic Empire released their newest single, a metal-tastic version of the Imperial March. It’s was heavy. It’s strong with the force. It’s pretty damn awesome. And it’s another sign of the awesome things to come from this dedicated band of Star Wars fans who slay metal as hard as they slay Jedi.

Their Kickstarter  goal is pretty modest at $60,000. With under thirty days to go, but just around $17,000 raised it’s still uncertain if they will reach their goal, and make the Emperor proud. For $15 you get a CD signed by the band, and for $25 you get a disk of vinyl as black as Darth Vader’s helmet, also signed by the band!

Check out Galactic Empire’s original video that put them on the map… a map that is now complete, and leads the way to some pretty righteous heavy metal that is undeniably strong with the force!