What if in the future a chip implanted beneath your skin could send crucial data about your blood to your mobile device and alert you when something was wrong?  What if you could get one right now? 

A group of Swiss scientists have designed such a chip, the smallest ever at 14mm, with an external patch power source that employs inductive charging through the skin.  The chip monitors critical information about your blood such as glucose levels, protein indicators, and even has the potential to warn you if you’re about to have a heart attack.  Yup, that’s right.  Often times the heart will release the chemical troponin into your bloodstream prior to a heart attack.   This chip could let you know “the big one” is on the way!

glucose meter AlishaV text (1)While I’m impressed by what such a device can do right now, imagine what it might do in the future.  A future version of this chip may be able to monitor and detect all sorts of critical data about your entire body, not just your blood.  What if you could be warned of an imminent seizure?  Even a few seconds might be enough to prepare, even call out for help.  What if you could be warned of cancer cells developing?  It could provide the earliest possible detection, especially for cancers that are too advanced by the time they’re detected.  The potential to change the lives of diabetics by eliminating blood monitoring devices that pierce the skin is tremendous. 
I can’t help but believe that the future of medicine rests in a little chip like this implanted soon after birth.  Such a chip would contain all pertinent medical data and our entire medical history as it unfolds throughout our lives, and be accessible with just a swipe from a Doctor’s “med scanner”. 
Now, I know there are legions of people out there who cringe at the thought of implanting such a device in their bodies.  These are the sort of people who are just plain terrified of their own wild imagination.  You can’t be afraid of something because of some perceived potential for abuse it might have, especially when such a device has so many obvious benefits.  It is something that could literally change the world for the better, and yet there will be people who resist. 
Well resistance is futile!   

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