It looks like Tenacious D had it right all along.  The founder of both Tesla and SpaceX announced that by August 15th he will unveil his plan to create a tube-based transportation network.  If this sounds like the most outlandish SciFi inspired buffoonery since the space elevator, it’s because it is!

I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen technologically speaking, because that would be a foolish claim to make.  Of course something like this could be developed, but I just can’t imagine such a system being put in place.  Can we really expect a future that looks exactly like the opening of Futurama?

I would love to be able to go from New York to L.A in forty-five minutes on the hypertube, but I can’t conceive that we’re ready for such a fantastical leap in our everyday lives. They’re saying this contraption would rocket people 350mph on domestic trips and 4,000mph on international trips!  Cant you ever see any government letting people ride something that would propel them at 4,000 mph?

Realistically, half the population would just refuse to ride it.  Nobody over the age of sixty-five would dare step foot in it.  You’d probably need some sort of implanted RFID chip so a clear record of travel could be kept, otherwise people would be committing crimes and literally disappearing.  And eventually one poor kid would get sucked away and splattered on the other end, the whole thing would be shut down, and science would be outlawed.

All in all, I’d still buy the ticket and take the ride!

image source: [newlaunches]