For a game that has precisely ONE game mechanic, Flappy Bird is undeniably addictive.  Each poke makes a little 8-bit birdie hop along in the air as you try to navigate it through shifting gaps in suspiciously Mario-like green pipes.  The whole game is basically a blatant Super Mario ripoff, at least in appearance.  The gameplay itself is reminiscent of an earlier era where incredibly simplistic Atari games ruled the land.  Flappy Bird is everything great about those gaming eras wrapped into one little addictive game.

flappy bird 2

It takes a while to get into a rhythm, especially the first time you play, and the second, and third, and so on and so on.  But then you see a glimmer of your old gaming skills awakening from their slumber.  With action that reminds me of Kirby, all while looking so much like a Mario game that I can’t help but imagine where in the Mushroom Kingdom this is happening while Mario is busy searching another castle.  

Once you get into a groove you experience a rush of adrenaline that is pure gaming joy, right before everything going to hell with a poorly timed poke.  I played for over twenty minutes before I got passed fifteen pipes, and it felt like a serious accomplishment.  Flappy Bird is deceptively simple, but instantly satisfying.  A game you can literally play for a few minutes at a time in between the happenings of your day, it’s a perfect little game that is one of the best mobile games to come around in a while.  My guess is we’ll see newer, probably themed versions starting to pop up by Summer.  I can’t wait to see how they evolve this game!

image source: [appszoom]