Drones are everywhere nowadays, both literally and figuratively.  Everyone knows about them, and opinions range far and wide.  But nobody has ever seen a drone like this, because until recently, nothing like it has ever existed.  Behold, the F-16 fighter jet converted into an unnamed drone.

I’m not saying we should be worried about this, but maybe we should be worried about this.  I’m not going to go into a philosophical debate about the use of drones in war (or domestic surveillance, for that matter), but the full scope of converting warplanes into unnamed gun platforms is something to mull over as we move into the future.

Drones today can already carry a respectable payload of destruction, but they can’t compare to highly advanced warplanes that specialize in delivering serious firepower.  Warplanes can launch self-guided smart bombs, and can be fitted with a staggering array of weaponry.  With drones drastically increasing in scope and number around the world, it’s a bit worrisome to see that turning old warplanes into drones is apparently as easy as installing some LEGO MINDSTORMS technology and sending it off to do its thing.  Who knew that we wouldn’t have to completely design Skynet from the ground up, that we were already building the hardware all along, and all it took was some creative software?