The Expanse, a new SyFy series that starts on December 14th (tonight!), is a new space-opera on SyFy that offered the first episode on YouTube for early viewing. Being the geek I am, and with my intense love of all things space related, I just had to check the series out and see what was up. Now, keep in mind I am going into this show having not read the book (on which this was apparently based) and with very high expectations considering my love for the subject.

expanse 2The Expanse is a show based in space in a time when both Earth, Mars and the Asteroid belt (at least that’s all we know so far) have been settled. The ‘Belters’ as they are called, are the ones that live on the asteroid belt. They live in low G so the ones that have lived there for generations are starting to look a bit different than normal folk. They feel like Earth and Mars are using them as slaves so it seems there is a revolt brewing, but Earth and Mars seems to always crush it by rationing water and air, which are like gold to Belters. So we have this story line to follow, which is very interesting to me. I’m excited to see how the detective’s story plays out, how the revolt story plays out, and what type of people Earth and Mars have that the Belters dislike so much.

expanse 3Another story line is a vessel that is apparently out collecting ice for one of the Belter settlements. They are on their way back when they get a distress signal. Initially they ignore it, purge it, and continue on their way. Then, one of our main characters (I assume) has a change of heart. He is the ‘acting’ Executive Officer, as he puts it, and he turns in the distress signal to command, meaning they have to go investigate. Turns out that was a terrible idea, as it was a trap set by Mars (at least we are led to believe it was Mars so far) and they end up nuking the vessel and destroying it. The crew that was on the small shuttle investigating the wreckage was spared but the main character’s girlfriend perished with the words ‘you should know something…’. I’m assuming this is going to be an ongoing story line; my initial guess is that she is pregnant and wanted to tell him but now he will possibly never know.

Overall the story is interesting enough to make me want to watch more episodes, the acting is up to par, and the graphics are nice. I am excited to see where it goes. Did it live up to every one of my expectations? No, but remember, I said I went in with VERY high expectations. It did, however, intrigue me enough to make me excited to see more episodes, so that’s saying something. If you haven’t already, head over and check out the first episode for yourself before it airs tonight if you just can’t wait. It’s worth the time and effort to check it out and see what you think!

Guest Post by Chris Carpenter from ChrisCarp’s Rambles